Medicaid Applications

We serve clients statewide and are fully prepared to help you with your legal concerns.

Medicaid is a government program run by the states which pays for medical services and long-term care costs for qualified individuals. Medicaid laws and rules are complicated and require meticulous details of assets and income sources.

We will determine if clients qualify for Medicaid benefits and then assist with the Medicaid application process.  We will help clients get approved or help them with denied claims. Our goal is to assist in a way that is both legal and ethical.

Medicaid requires copies of all canceled check images. Please obtain full bank statements for every account even if applicant is merely listed as an authorized user on the account.  You will need a full 60 months report on each bank account.

Time is of the essence in completing these applications, and each time you receive a letter requesting more information, you must submit that requested information within the allotted days.  Please have all liquidated assets within the past 60 months accounted for and in writing.  In addition, please have all of the following items available:

  • All cash values associated with any insurance policy in writing.
  • Proof of no cash value associated with any insurance policy in writing (including accidental death coverage).
  • Social Security numbers and dates of birth, marriage and death on both applicant and spouse (or previous spouse).

Medicaid Application Check List

  • Medicaid Card (if available)
  • Social Security Card
  • Identification (Driver’s License or legal ID card)
  • Drug Plan Card
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Medicare Card (red, white, and blue card)
  • Cancer Policy
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Burial Policy
  • Funeral Policy
  • Vault
  • Casket
  • Long Term Health Care Policy
  • Warranty Deeds (on all property)
  • Mortgage Information
  • Listing Agreement (on any property)
  • Marriage Certificate (including any information of any past marriages)
  • Social Security Benefits Letter
  • VA Benefits Letter
  • IRA (all statements and cancelled checks for the past 60 months)
  • Checking Accounts (all statements and cancelled checks for the past 60 months)
  • Savings Accounts (all statements and cancelled checks for the past 60 months)
  • Power of Attorney