Estate Planning

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At Cornelius & Talley, we provide estate planning services designed to guide you through all your long-term planning needs. We work closely with our clients around Alabama to finalize a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Living Will and HealthCare Directives. Our goal is to guide clients through their long term planning needs without leaving unanswered questions on how to settle their affairs.


Why You Need an Estate Plan Now

Whether you’re a parent with a growing family, or you’re planning for your golden years, now is the time to make a plan for your assets and estate to ensure your wishes are carried out. Without properly drafted documents, Alabama law may decide how your estate is settled, and for most, this is a less than ideal way to have their assets distributed. This means a formalized estate plan is an important step that shouldn’t wait.



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At Cornelius & Talley, we believe it is imperative for every person 19 years of age and older to secure legal documentation to serve as proactive solutions for whatever life may bring. No matter your current financial status, it’s crucial for you to take control of your assets today. Failing to execute such plans can place two of the most important aspects in life at risk: everything you own and everyone you love.


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