Our Introduction to the Blogging World

Our Introduction to the Blogging World

By Robert D. Cornelius, Esq.

Hello Blogging World! 

The attorneys at Cornelius & Talley, PC are, to put it simply, old school. Communicating through social media is like trying to communicate our message to Mars and beyond!

Well, we are giving up and moving our law practice into the modern world using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Blogging. To be upfront with you, we have had to hire a new young graduate from UAB to teach what those things are and how to use them. Please bear with us as we learn how to communicate through social media.

Who Are We?

Now, I would like to introduce you to our law firm. We have four attorneys specializing in specific areas of law, such as Family Law, Business Law, Contracts, Personal Injury, and dealing with families of adult children with Special Needs, but the bulk of our practice does not deal with specific areas of the law. It deals with a demographic of the population – Senior Citizens and their families. Therefore, most of the issues – but not all – are handled in the Probate Courts.

What Do We Do?

Our law practice is general. All legal issues will be addressed, but it is a general law practice where the clients are typically over the age of fifty-five, or younger adults trying to assist aging parents with issues from Estate Planning to needing a caregiver to assist with daily living skills, to admission to nursing homes. However, we cover all legal issues because age is no barrier to auto accidents, property issues, or even divorces.

Who Do We Serve?

A large percentage of clients make appointments for one of a few issues. Mom and Dad are aging, and they want to have some basic estate documents in place so their children can handle their affairs if they become sick or incapacitated. The children of aging parents come to see us in a crisis mode. They have just been informed that Mom has some form of dementia (Alzheimer’s) or another debilitating disease that is going to require some form of assistance for their parents. They are scared not only about their parents’ health but they are worried that there will not be enough money to pay for that higher level of care. Plus, all too often, their parents have never had the basic documents done to allow their children to make decisions for them under circumstances which they are now facing. At this point, their problems begin to escalate because now that their parents are incapacitated, they can no longer sign the necessary documents. The only way for the children to obtain authority to handle their parent’s affairs is to file with the court for Guardianship and/or Conservatorship. A much more costly legal situation. However, it seems like we receive a call concerning a DUI, a minor drug charge, or maybe a contract issue weekly.

Unfortunately, for everyone involved, they are facing a legal situation that often could have been averted or a legal situation that needs to be handled promptly. Our most often statement to our clients is “never say, ‘it will never happen to me.’”


Robert D. Cornelius “Bob”

Managing Partner

Cornelius & Talley, PC


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