By R. Matthew Talley, Esq.

At Cornelius & Talley, PC, we serve people of all ages. We like to think that we help clients and families from birth to death. One type of case that illustrates this point is Guardianship. A Guardianship case is when someone is given the legal authority to make life or personal decisions for someone else. Just think of all the decisions that a parent can make for a minor child. That gives an idea of the important responsibilities and authority of a Guardian and the decisions they can make on behalf of someone else.

Who is Guardianship For?

Guardianship cases may include the Court appointing someone to care for a minor child. If the child’s parents are deceased or they are unable to care for a child, a Guardianship case would help another adult to care for the child and make decisions that are in the child’s best interest.

Guardianship cases may involve the parents of a disabled child seeking the appointment in order to preserve their parental authority and decision-making ability after the child turns nineteen. These special needs children that turn into adults will continue to need the oversight of a parent through their lifespan.

Finally, these cases may include a situation where an adult has become incapacitated and unable to make decisions any longer. This scenario often involves a chronic medical condition or accident that has resulted in impairment. The case will allow someone to step forward and care for the individual and make decisions for them on a permanent basis.

If you have a disabled child who is turning nineteen soon or an adult family member who cannot care for themselves, please call us for a consultation. These situations are very difficult but we enjoy helping families with these issues. This is an area of the law where we get to truly help and serve others.

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