Conducting Business Around COVID-19

Conducting Business Around COVID-19

By R. Matthew Talley, Esq.

           It is still hard to believe that a virus has crippled the United States, as well as, the rest of the world. Everything has been affected and life has completely changed. All of us are hoping that this is temporary, and that life will resume to the normal we are accustomed to.

How is this affecting the court system?

           Like most businesses, our law firm, as well as, the legal community, are operating completely differently. Fortunately, law firms have been considered and labeled as an essential business. The goal is to continue to serve our clients and meet their needs but also promoting safety and doing everything we can so that all parties stay well.

How is Cornelius & Talley conducting business?

           Here at Cornelius & Talley, PC, we want to share how we are conducting business to serve our clients and keep them healthy. Obviously, we prefer and love meeting face to face with clients in our office. We are still meeting with clients if they feel comfortable coming in. Our office is sanitizing and cleaning the offices and meeting areas regularly throughout the day and before and after each meeting.  We have masks available for all the parties to wear if wanted and we stay at the recommended distance from each other. We can even meet in our parking lot if requested and conduct drive through the signing of documents.

Are there modified laws during the pandemic?

           Thanks to an Order issued from State Government, it is possible to virtually witness and notarize documents. We can draft Last Wills and Testaments, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, various petitions, etc. for our clients, review them with clients, and watch them sign via a zoom meeting or a similar type of program. They can then mail the original documents to our office and we will witness and notarize them as appropriate. This allows important legal business to be completed and the client does not have to leave the comfort and safety of their home.
           At Cornelius & Talley, PC, we have a lot of cases that involve court filings and appearances. However, at present, Courts are conducting filings and hearings completely different than normal. It is possible to file certain documents over the internet or by mailing them to the Court. Also, certain hearings are being conducted virtually. We are familiar with all these temporary modifications and can effectively navigate a case through the court system. Accordingly, if you have a legal need that may require Court action, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
           Even though the world has slowed or even stopped in some areas, we know that legal problems and needs do not. If you have an issue, please call us. We can serve you and meet your needs while promoting wellness and safety.
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